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Neutron Scarpa 2

The Driving Sunglasses

Blinding glare can be a potential reason for peril when you are driving, particularly at a rapid. Getting stunned by daylight or by brilliant light reflecting off puddles or the autos before you can put you and different drivers in danger. That is the reason getting the correct pair of shades is a wellbeing fundamental.

Know, however, that your regular shades may not be appropriate for driving. Shades that are made for general use can be excessively dim and may have outlines that are excessively huge and may cloud your fringe vision.

These shades planned particularly for driving won't just decrease your odds of being in a mishap yet additionally make you agreeable as they ease eye weariness and shield your eyes from the destructive impacts of UV radiation.

ATTCL Ultralight Al-Mg Metal Frame Polarized SunglassesATTCL Ultralight Al-Mg Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses

These incredibly well-manufactured spellbound glasses accompany an aluminum magnesium metal composite casing, which gives it a strong look yet a light vibe. It is additionally ideal for some other outside exercises, for example, cycling, running, dashing, angling, trekking, or skiing.

Its enraptured focal point gives 100% assurance from hurtful UV beams. Captivated shades cut glare and fog so your eyes are increasingly agreeable and secured.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 5.8 cm

Focal point Height: 40 mm

Extension: 18 mm


Achatpratique Fit Over SunglassesAchatpratique Fit Over Sunglasses

These glasses are sold in a lot of 2, one for day use and the other for night use. During the day, utilize the pair of day shades to shield you from UV beams and have better perceivability out and about. For night drives, utilize the night vision glasses for improved perceivability and decreased glare from blinding headlights.

These glasses can be worn over your standard shades or remedy glasses, or can be worn straightforwardly. Alongside its light and exquisite plan, these glasses are an incredible incentive for your cash.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 39 mm

Focal point Height: 39 mm

Scaffold: 1.5 cm


Pukclar Sports SunglassesPukclar Sports Sunglasses

These enraptured shades are intended to give 100% assurance from UV beams and dispose of reflected and dissipated light, giving you a chance to see the subtleties of the open street all the more obviously. These glasses are likewise outfitted with HD night glasses driving focal points to lessen night glare and improve night vision.

They are produced using polycarbonate materials, so the focal points and casings are scratch-safe and strong. They are additionally lightweight and agreeable to wear in any event, for a significant stretch of time.

Item Dimensions:

Weight: 21 g

Focal point Width: 63 mm

Edge Length: 137 mm

Focal point Height: 42 mm


Zillirate Polarized Sports SunglassesZillirate Polarized Sports Sunglasses

This pair of shades scores high checks for quality, solace, and worth. These glasses are lightweight and sturdy with the ultralight, adaptable, and sway safe TR90 outlines. They are excessively flexible and fit for some open air exercises. In addition, they can give you greatest assurance for your eyes with their UV400 focal points. They are additionally non-slip, so you can be certain that your glasses remain cozy all over.

Item Dimensions:

Casing Length: 14.6 cm

Casing Height: 4cm


Funcosy Polarized Sunglasses Retro StyleFuncosy Polarized Sunglasses Retro Style

Retro style is completely a hit, particularly for youngsters these days. This pair of exemplary retro square-molded shades will keep you in style and give you solace and security too. Its HD energized focal points are produced using top notch materials and give UV400 assurance to your eyes. It is break evidence and has an agreeable touch design, so wearing them won't leave follows all over. These Funcosy shades come three unique hues that you can browse to meet your own taste.

Item Dimensions:

Weight: 21.9 g

Focal point Width: 51 mm

Casing Width: 140 mm

Casing Height: 48 mm


Shake Bros Polarized SunglassesRock Bros Polarized Sunglasses

This ultralight and sturdy pair of shades will stun you with its highlights. It has a tough casing, with TR90 memory material that gives sway safe solace and quality. Its captivated focal points consummately ensure your eyes while demonstrating the most striking and genuine hues to improve your vision. It is likewise dustproof, windproof, and low air safe, which makes it appropriate for rapid driving or riding. That, yet It is likewise lightweight and accompanies an enemy of slip nose cushion and elastic ear cushions for more solace.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Height: 5.5cm

Nose Bridge: 2.5cm

Casing Length: 16.5cm


Beam Ban RB3025 Aviator SunglassesRay-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses

You can't turn out badly in style and insurance with this pair of great however sharp spellbound Ray-Ban shades. These unisex glasses accompany distinctive size alternatives to suit your needs. The unbelievable, high-caliber, and scratch-safe Ray-Ban spellbound focal point was initially intended for military use, so it makes certain to furnish you with incredible quality and the most extreme security. It has an assortment of hues to browse, as well, all of which give ideal visual clearness.

Item Dimensions:

Size Options: 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm


Rivbos Polarized Sports SunglassesRivbos Polarized Sports Sunglasses

On the off chance that you are searching for an in vogue pair of open air and driving shades that accompanies amazing focal point lucidity, at that point the Rivbos Polarized Sports Sunglasses is an extraordinary choice. It has premium quality, 100% captivated focal points to give you complete insurance from unsafe UV beams.

This pair of shades accompanies a wraparound plan that enables it to sit cozily and serenely around the face. Totally solid and well-made, this pair of dynamic eyewear has an unbreakable edge, made of adaptable the TR90 material that is bendable under strain.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width:64 mm

Focal point Height:40 mm

Casing Length:140 mm


Keakuo Sports Polarized SunglassesKeakuo Sports Polarized Sunglasses

This pair of shades is an outright jewel with regards to assurance and style. Rectangular-molded, enraptured, lightweight, and agreeable, these glasses ensure your eyes without trouble. They adequately diminish glare and reflections on streets and flat surfaces. They have an UV400 defensive focal point covering, a full metal edge, a delicate and agreeable nose cushion, and break safe security highlights. Besides, these glasses are tough and comfortable.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 57 mm

Edge Length: 136 mm

Focal point Height: 38mm


Rigging District UV400 Anti-Fog Sports SunglassesGear District UV400 Anti-Fog Sports Sunglasses

These shades hinder every one of the three scopes of bright radiation, shielding the eyes from unsafe sun beams. They are sturdy, lightweight, and adaptable – ideal for various open air and sports exercises. The counter haze include counteracts misting of the focal point when temperatures are low. Along these lines, they can be utilized in a climate condition. These are additionally ideal for driving because of the glare decrease include without darkening the field of vision. This item may likewise be utilized by the individuals who have an oversensitivity to sun beams.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 74 mm


Cool Change Polarized Sports SunglassesCool Change Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Outfitted with 7 layers of TAC captivated focal point and 4 PVA polarizing layers, the Cool Change sports shades can ensure full security of your eyes from the destructive impacts of UV beams and dangerous glares when driving. These glasses receive an ergonomic plan with outline bend to fit consummately on the face. The delicate elastic nose cushions and TR90 flexible edge give strong help to keep the shades safely on.

With the HD vision focal point, you can encounter improved vision without it being twisted as the focal point can assimilate the stray light in different ways reflected by mist or residue.

Item Dimensions:

Weight: 23.5 g

Edge Width: 5.90 inches

Focal point Width: 2.75 inches

Focal point Height: 1.77 inches


Kastking Skidaway Polarized Sports SunglassesKastking Skidaway Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Unrivaled, light, ergonomic, and strong: these words best portray this pair of enraptured shades that will most likely assist you with getting a charge out of the outside with style. The square-formed focal point wrap configuration gives full inclusion, which makes it ideal for driving and open air exercises, for example, cycling, running, hitting the fairway, or angling. The edges are intended to endure long stretches of dynamic use. Also, they are ultra-lightweight and adaptable.

These glasses come in 3 shades: smoke, dark colored, and copper. All are demonstrated and tried to square 100% of hurtful UVA and UVB beams.

Item Dimensions:

Edge Width: 5.29 inches

Focal point Width: 2.68 inches

Stature: 1.5 inches


Torege Sports SunglassesTorege Sports Sunglasses

Extraordinary workmanship and innovation empowered the generation of these ergonomic, solid, and adaptable shades. Complete with too flimsy focal points and a ultralight outline, wearing these is such a solace. The Revo captivated focal point reestablish real nature while giving your eyes 100% insurance from the sun, so you can drive with certainty.

They come in elegant and snappy plans, with rich shading mixes of edges and focal points. These polycarbonate focal point and casings are scratch safe, sturdy, and sans scratch.

Item Dimensions:

Casing Width: 140 mm

Casing Height: 66 mm


Blupond Knight Visor Polarized Sports SunglassesBlupond Knight Visor Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These astonishing glasses let you extend your points of confinement. Worked with the vision to give excellent security, the canny Knight Visor Driving Glasses were deliberately intended to shield your eyes from brilliant front light glare, unforeseen reflections, and the sun's hurtful UV beams. They are extraordinarily planned with copper tinted focal points to improve visual sharpness while lessening eye weariness.

Have a sense of safety that these glasses are worked to last. Produced using the most excellent materials, these glasses are scratch-safe and shatterproof. You don't need to stress over inescapable drops or scratches.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 68 mm

Edge Width: 132 mm

Edge Length: 148 mm

Focal point Height: 40 mm


Gemgoo Night and Day Vision Driving Wrap Around Anti-Glare SunglassesGemgoo Night and Day Vision Driving Wrap Around Anti-Glare Sunglasses

On the off chance that you are searching for driving shades that are both cost-proficient and successful at decreasing glare, at that point look no further. The Gemgoo Night and Day Vision Polarized Driving glasses can furnish you with the eye assurance you need whether you are driving during the day or around evening time. They are additionally productive to utilize when driving during dusk or in day off, or overwhelming precipitation.

These glasses can likewise be worn over your typical shades or solution glasses, so you don't need to stress over taking them off.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 2.56 inches

Focal point Height: 1.5 inches

Extension: 0.67inches


Sungait Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized SunglassesSungait Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses

These beautiful unisex driving shades make certain to meet your customized requirement for solace and style. These rectangular shades are made for day by day utilize and can give quality assurance.

The casing is made of an Al-Mg Alloy metal, which is solid yet lightweight. It has an ideal metal shine that never blurs and is neighborly to the skin. The TAC spellbound focal points give UV400 assurance, which squares 100% of unsafe UVA and UVB beams. In addition, it outwardly reestablishes genuine nature and wipes out reflected light.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 62 mm

Focal point Height: 42 mm

Casing Length: 144 mm

Extension: 16 mm


Luenx Men Aviator SunglassesLuenx Men Aviator Sunglasses

The most one of a kind component of these driving shades is its enemy of oxidant plating outline, which is benevolent and well disposed to the skin. Along these lines, if skin sensitivities are an issue for you, these spellbound shades are the ideal decision. The enraptured focal point gives successful insurance to your eyes, and the top notch quality enables you to encounter clear and regular vision.

This pair of glasses has the great pilot configuration, making them immortally in vogue. You can't turn out badly in style with these.

Item Dimensions:

Focal point Width: 60 mm

Focal point Height: 53 mm

A safe distance: 130 mm

Extension: 18 mm


Woodword Walnut Wood Polarized Aviator SunglassesWoodword Walnut Wood Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

In the event that you are searching for something extraordinarily extraordinary for your shades, at that point you ought not miss this pair of Woodword shades. These glasses are carefully assembled from unique pecan wood, which is tough, skin-accommodating, and lightweight. The UV400 focal points can sift through glare from daylight and street surfaces and present a clearly vivid world in your eyes. These wood shades utilize a twofold spring pivot for an agreeable fit, and the pilot molded focal points make them look exemplary and snazzy.


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