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The Cross Lite EVO Bike Review

The Bulls Cross Lite model has been redesigned with an inner Bosch PowerTube battery pack for 2019, carrying it into the EVO family. At whatever point you see EVO in a BULLS item name, it implies that the battery (Bosch, Brose, or Shimano) is incorporated and covered up. This structure change improves style and furthermore positions weight marginally lower on the edge, which improves steadiness and taking care of. Two exchange offs, be that as it may, are with cost and weight. The new Cross Lite EVO costs generally $300 more than the more established rendition, which I looked into in 2017 here, and weighs 49.9lbs versus 49.2lbs. What separates this item from other component complete city bicycles is that it comes in three casing styles (high-advance, mid-advance, or step-through), four casing sizes, and is accessible through an immense system of vendors who can give test rides and guarantee support. BULLS is a universal brand, situated in Germany, selling items in the US, Canada, and numerous European nations. The Cross Lite EVO is valued at $4.4k, which appears to be a ton here and there, yet packs a huge amount of top notch adornments that will keep you dry, obvious, and agreeable. Incorporated lights (that keep running off of the primary 500 watt hour battery pack), intelligent sidewall stripes on cut safe tires, durable aluminum composite bumpers and a plastic chain spread, an I-RACK good back rack fit for holding 55lbs of payload, Ergon brand ergonomic grasps, and a lightweight – exceptionally movable air suspension fork are for the most part pleasant. When you take a gander at this all-dark ebike, everything matches and performs well. Water driven circle brakes, a movable kickstand that avoids the way, a gel saddle, and even jug confine supervisors on the downtube for simple access while riding. It's a top notch item that is agreeable and ought to be solid, particularly with the Bosch battery, engine, and control frameworks.
Bulls Cross Lite Evo Electric Bike Review
Bosch offers three Performance Line engines at the season of this audit, and BULLS has selected the high-torque CX variation for the Cross Lite EVO model. The advantages are expanded torque, a zippy ride feel, and a one of a kind eMTB mode that reacts with a wide scope of intensity yield dependent on pedal info… however there are some exchange offs. This engine gauges more, utilizes vitality quicker, and delivers more commotion now and again. Here and there, this engine is pointless excess for individuals who simply need to voyage through neighborhoods. It certainly adds to the expense of this electric bicycle, yet could be an appreciated redesign for heavier riders, the individuals who plan on pulling load or pulling trailers, and the individuals who live in sloping regions. BULLS isn't the main brand that has chosen to go with the CX engine when the standard Performance Line or Active Line Plus might have worked. This discloses to me that clients welcome the power and ride involvement amid center gatherings or test rides. Keep in mind, BULLS sells through a tremendous system of vendors and can gather input from sales reps about what is working. As an energetic rider myself, the CX is an appreciated expansion… and it's anything but difficult to dial down the power for those minutes when less commotion or slower control use is liked. On the other hand, you can't generally dial a more fragile engine past it's most extreme yield. So how about we talk numbers! The Bosch Performance Line CX is fit for delivering up to 75 newton meters of torque versus 63nm or 55nm on the two engines underneath it. It offers high rhythm 120 RPM pedal help, versus 105 and 100 separately, so you can downshift when drawing nearer and climbing steep slopes without losing power. What's more, much the same as all Bosch mid-drive e-bicycle items, it offers change recognition to decrease wear on the chain and gears. I for one cherish how the engine looks on the BULLS Cross Lite EVO; tipped up and mixed into the dark casing tubing. A full-encompass plastic chain spread will keep your gasp or dress finishes clean and tangle free, and there's even a slap monitor sticker to keep the correct chain remain from getting scratched up. Mid-drive engines can be extremely effective in the event that you change gears to enable them when climbing or riding at higher velocities, and the 11-speed Shimano Deore XT has been redesigned for this new bicycle. The more seasoned Cross Lite had a 11-42 tooth tape while this one has 11-46 tooth. That is four additional teeth for beginning and climbing steep slopes. The derailleur still accompanies Shadow+, implying that it's tucked behind the tape for insurance and has a single direction grip for fixing the spring; diminishing bobbing. This is trail blazing bicycle level equipment that won't leave tune as effectively and moves all around easily. Once more, somehow or another I feel that this equipment is needless excess for a urban arranged electric bicycle… yet it's extraordinary for the individuals who deal with their stuff and plan to have it last numerous years, or the individuals who do intermittent long rides or visiting. As a last little note, the Bosch CX engine introduces some decrease adapting drag since it utilizes a littler exclusive sprocket that turns 2.5x for each pedal transformation. It's a structure that is one of a kind to Bosch and takes into consideration more prominent responsiveness, engine proficiency, and chain get. On the off chance that you pedal unpowered or past the most extreme bolstered 20mph (or 25km/h in certain business sectors), there will be a slight piece of rubbing brought into your accelerating. The bicycle can be accelerated without power, and I've effectively passed 20mph on this and numerous different items with the CX engine, yet it's solitary reasonable for notice the slight trade off with this drive framework contrasted with some others.

Controlling the engine, coordinated lights, and illuminated presentation board is a high limit 482.4 watt hour battery pack from Bosch. The PowerTube 500 fits perfectly into the downtube of the edge, clicking up from underneath. It gauges more than the more established outer PowerPack 500, yet offers the stylish and weight appropriation benefits referenced before. This battery is encased in a solid aluminum shell and weighs generally 6.3lbs all alone. BULLS has planned custom amalgam covers that coordinate their edges and further secure the battery, which brings the full weight up to generally 7.2lbs. From multiple points of view, I'm extremely awed that the 2019 model just weighs ~0.5lbs more than the 2017/2018 Cross Lite. The main other exchange off with this battery configuration is that, as a result of the custom composite shield, it's not as simple to swap between various models. It's likewise more and bulkier than the PowerPack 500, which implies that regardless of whether you attempted to buy a second pack to broaden rides, it's not as simple to convey in a rucksack or bicycle sack. To be perfectly honest, it is difficult to bend over, lease, or acquire extra packs for this and most inward battery ebikes. Fortunately, Bosch offers one of the lightest, most smaller, and productive electric bicycle chargers! Rather than putting out a few amps, their charger puts out four, which lessens charge times. Their restrictive fitting is sturdy, and won't get stirred up with other Bosch control apparatuses and electronic equipment you may officially claim. Everything considered, the battery performs great and should last numerous years whenever thought about. I would most likely leave the battery mounted to the bicycle, for persuade, while charging and putting away it… except if your extra room gets amazingly hot or cold. In those cases, it's ideal to store the battery independently on the grounds that lithium-particle cells are delicate to extraordinary temperatures. You can broaden the life expectancy of the battery by keeping it charged around half amid expanded times of neglect. BULLS has improved their charging port areas and covers lately, yet I found that the rubber treated attachment spread can even now be dubious to situate on occasion and this fitting area is still legitimately in the way of the left wrench arm (so be cautious moving the bicycle when it's charging). The hardware themselves are very much fixed against residue and water sprinkles, however this elastic spread ought to be quicker and progressively predictable to press in. You can see this in the video survey over, it's a minor thing however worth getting out for such a decent item.

Initiating the drive frameworks on this ebike is genuinely clear. You charge and mount the battery at that point press the power catch on the top edge of the little presentation board, which is mounted inside reach of the left hold. This is the Bosch Purion show, one of the more pleasant smaller contributions available at the present time. It can't be swiveled to decrease glare effectively, isn't removable for insurance, does not appear the same number of menus, and does not have a functioning Micro-USB charging port like the bigger Bosch Intuvia show. Be that as it may, it keeps the handlebars open, and may not get harmed as effectively if the bicycle tips or is stopped at a packed rack. This is an exceptionally famous showcase board for electric off-road bicycles, which regularly take a stab at stealthiness to fly "beneath the radar" outwardly, but at the same time it's picked for straightforwardness and cost funds at times. I have developed to acknowledge the Purion, however do have a couple of tips for use… The + and – catches, which raise and lower help, are intended to click in at an edge towards the right. They are joined close to one side edge of the control cushion and turn in towards the LCD. With training, I have discovered that the correct edge is extremely the sweet spot for reliable squeezing and I've seen that occasionally the lower left and center zones can be conflicting or even non-responsive. The screen itself sparkles swoon white consistently, which shouldn't draw much power, and is convenient amid early morning or night rides when light is constrained. When you get the hang of things, you truly don't need to look down by any stretch of the imagination, since you can feel and hear the snaps of the catch cushion. Holding the + catch will turn lights on and off. Holding the – catch will spin through trek separate, odometer, help level, and range. What's more, the range menu is dynamic, so you can see the bicycle ascertain how far it supposes you can go before the battery totally depletes dependent on the last mile of riding, your present condition of charge, and the picked dimension of help. This makes up for the fundamental 5-bar charge marker on the highest point of the battery pack and the lower segment of the presentation, which isn't as exact as a 10-bar or rate readout seen on some contending showcases. On the lower edge of the control cushion is a walk-mode catch. Press it once and after that hold the + catch to have the engine gradually help you when strolling the bicycle (you should be in Eco, Tour, eMTB, or Boost for walk mode to work). It's valuable for swarmed non-bikeable territories, or on the off chance that you get a punctured tire. For the individuals who wish to have an inside mounted showcase with a bigger LCD screen, the capacity to totally expel the presentation, the expansion of a 5-volt Micro-USB charging port, and more readout choices (max speed, normal speed, and clock), a few shops will redesign the Purion to Intuvia for ~$200.

Taking everything into account, the BULLS Cross Lite EVO presents some extremely pleasant redesigns while safeguarding the congeniality and utility of the first Cross Lite. The weight isn't expanded as much as I suspected, the battery configuration is wonderful… however not exactly as adaptable as previously, and the more extensive rigging range is constantly welcome. I for one would have exchanged back to a marginally smaller rigging range if the cost reserve funds could have been connected to the bigger Bosch Intuvia show. While visiting the BULLS North America central station in Los Angeles, California, I inquire as to why they picked the Purion and was informed that individuals like how straightforward it is. As a well informed commentator, who is truly OK with ebike innovation, I perceive and regard this exchange off for standard customers. To be perfectly honest, the majority of the other significant equipment is moving toward that needless excess dimension, so the presentation is a minor thing. With ground-breaking water powered plate brakes, you gain power and wellbeing. The fork can be bolted out for effectiveness in case you're on pads, and on the off chance that you need much more solace… consider swapping out the inflexible 31.6mm seat post for a suspension post like one of these. Another thought to make is which outline is best for your ride style and physical capacities. The profound wave outline is the most receptive, however gauges more and isn't as solid as the mid-advance trapez or high-advance jewel. On the off chance that you have touchy knees or hips, the progression through may be your solitary decision… however expanded body and freight weight can present edge flex and even speed wobble at higher paces. I generally choose the mid-advance, however BULLS has revealed to me that the progression through wave is their most well known dealer. These are each very reason fabricated casings considering quality and ride dependability, see how even the wave model has this additional help arm close to the base of the downtube and seat tube. This includes quality :) As usual, I welcome criticism and remarks underneath, or you can toll in at the BULLS gatherings to share recordings, pictures, and make companions with different proprietors.


With three edge styles and four edge sizes to browse, this item adjusts to a scope of clients and use cases, it's a standout amongst the most well known BULLS items

Since BULLS utilized ABUS for the locking center and incorporates the key code, you can get a collapsing lock to coordinate which will utilize a similar key and decrease mess

At generally 50lbs, the 2019 form of the Cross Lite EVO is almost equivalent to 2017/2018 however has a totally inside battery pack and more extensive apparatus run

Bosch produces one of my preferred engine, battery, show sets and I cherish the manner in which BULLS has incorporated it into the casing, the engine is tilted up to mix into casing tubing and the all-dark shading plan conceals wires and creases pleasantly

The battery pack is removable and the two wheels offer fast discharge, making the bicycle lighter for transport and simpler for tuneups

The amalgam bumpers and plastic chain spread keep you dry and clean in differed conditions, they don't shake without a doubt and they do give great inclusion while mixing into the casing pleasantly, there's even a tough composite slide plate ensuring the base of the engine

Coordinated LED lights help you find in dull conditions yet in addition protect you, I incline toward these to reseller's exchange lights since they will kill consequently when you shut down the bicycle and can't be stolen as effectively since they're wired in

The engine detects pedal speed, pedal torque, and back wheel speed one thousand times each second to convey liquid help, it never feels astounding or wild

The Bosch CX engine offers eMTB mode which goes about as to a greater degree a torque sensor, giving low and high power versus only one constrained range, you can fundamentally abandon it in this mode for energetic riding and skirt the +/ - clicking required on different models

A top notch gel saddle from Selle Royale compliments the air fork and marginally more extensive street tires to smooth out the ride and keep you agreeable, for the individuals who need significantly more help, consider a 31.6 mm situate post suspension like these

The drivetrain is pointless excess, however an appreciated expansion for overwhelming driving or visiting, you get 11 gears and a strong trail blazing bicycle level derailleur with single direction clasp to decrease chain bob and rattling in unpleasant conditions, simply click the dim switch up to fix the derailleur spring (click it down while expelling the back wheel or doing drivetrain upkeep)

Vast water driven plate brakes give smooth, ground-breaking stops, the switches offer flexible reach for those with littler hands or gloves, the brakes just require a couple of fingers to impel

Pleasant flexible kickstand and fundamental flick ringer for included utility when driving, I additionally like the locking ergonomic holds from Ergon

The trigger moving instrument is overhauled, the oars feel strong and the modest one (used to change into higher harder gears) can be pushed or pulled which takes into consideration distinctive hand positions, the bigger oar can move four stages with one long pushing movement

The Bosch drive framework takes into account walk mode, this is helpful in case you're visiting with a companion and have the bicycle stacked, you won't need to push so difficult to make it move and go up slopes and so forth (simply press the walk catch at that point hold the in addition to catch to actuate)

The spokes are dark, so they coordinate the edges, centers, outline and so forth and I acknowledge how BULLS utilized thicker 13 measure wire for the back wheel, to make it sturdier

Notwithstanding bottle confine managers, BULLS has delivered a casing with extra back rack supervisors, so you could utilize your own rack on the off chance that you choose to change the bumpers or accomplish something custom


The battery isn't overly simple to evacuate and on account of its heavier structure and bigger physical size (with the amalgam protecting included by BULlS), I don't think it bodes well to purchase a second one, it won't be anything but difficult to lease or get a pack either

The exclusive Bosch chainring turns at 2.5 upheavals for each wrench insurgency, and this presents some pedal drag when the engine isn't empowered, it's minor as far as I can tell

The cost bounced a few hundred dollars from the more established 2017/2018 model, however BULLS has developed the quantity of vendors in North America and totally revamp the edge for the inward battery, you're paying for premium equipment here

I cherish how congenial the wave step-through casing is, however it's only not as hardened as the mid-advance or high-advance and could experience the ill effects of casing flex and speed wobble if the rider and payload are heavier

The front lamp is mounted to the suspension fork curve which goes all over when you go over knocks, the light wouldn't shake to such an extent in the event that it was mounted to the crown of the fork, the headset, or handlebar stem and it would most likely be increasingly unmistakable as well

The Bosch Performance Line engines are bigger and gauge more than contending items from Shimano, Brose, and Yamaha… this engine is generally 8.8lbs versus 6lbs or 7lbs, yet they are known for being truly solid


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