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AirTV Player Full Specification

One of the exchange offs you make when cutting the rope from satellite TV is decentralization. Regardless of whether it's numerous gadgets, various memberships to various applications and administrations, or a touch of both, you're probably going to explore a broke substance library — and keeping in mind that you're free of the link charges and expanded channel postings, juggling those administrations can get irritating. There are a lot of gadgets and administrations that assistance combine everything into one place, yet few spotlight on cross section the two most ideal approaches to observe live TV without a link membership: live TV gushing administrations and HD OTA (over the air) channels.
airtv player kit2

The AirTV ($100) is one of the first to do as such. Running a variant of Android TV, this small set-top box installs your reception apparatus encounter into a standout amongst the most mainstream live TV gushing administrations, Sling TV. Shockingly, this implies the AirTV plays top picks for gushing administrations and in addition its own particular interface, and combined with some other glaring flaws, makes for a fairly unintuitive packaging knowledge.

A champion outline

The AirTV is developed into an unassuming box with adjusted edges and a charming white and blue shading plan. The more splendid hues emerge more than the dark complete of a Roku Ultra or Apple TV, and it's a pleasant difference in pace from the unending parade of secret elements likely gathering under your TV. As far as physical measurements, it's on the littler side, standing an inch high and five inches wide by five inches deep — generally indistinguishable size from the Roku Ultra.

airtv player kit2

airtv player connector

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The front of the case has a little LED that produces a delicate, ruddy orange light when the gadget is on. On the back are a few association ports, including two USB ports, optical sound, Ethernet, and HDMI (the gadget additionally bolsters Wi-Fi, obviously).

The plan is basic, direct, and adroitly separates itself outwardly from comparable items. The remote, be that as it may, is another story.

There's no other method to state it: The AirTV's remote is appalling.

There's no other method to state it: The AirTV's remote is appalling. It's more extensive than it should be, the catch design isn't incredible, and it would appear that a toy.

Its most noticeably bad useful issue is its ineffectively named catches. Incidentally, a strange, dark precious stone catch in the base left corner takes you to the Android TV interface, yet no unmistakable sign of this is made anyplace. No manuals or aides are incorporated with the AirTV, and keeping in mind that you can without much of a stretch figure a ton of this out by experimentation (or a speedy web seek, for our situation), even a straightforward graph incorporated into the bundle would have been a major help.

The remote has a couple of saving graces, nonetheless, most outstandingly the helpful catches for Sling TV, Netflix, Google pursuit, and voice look by means of the on-board receiver – an appreciated element at this value point.

A Slinging setup

While the AirTV utilizes the Android TV interface, it inclines vigorously on Sling TV as a kind of focal stage — to such an extent that it should be known as the "Sling TV Box." in such manner, it's helpful for Sling TV clients, particularly if it's your essential (or even just) gushing administration, however not really for any other person.

Setup for Sling TV is a secure — simply sign in with your Sling TV account when incited amid setup, and you're set. For non-Sling clients, it's not quickly clear what to do.

airtv player ports

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

AirTV expects you to make a free Sling "visitor" account, which is harder than it ought to be. The alternative to make a visitor account is covered in menus and little content. Actually, if not for a short line of content advising us that setup should be possible without a Sling TV membership, we'd have thought Sling TV was a necessity for utilizing the AirTV. It's not, but rather this reality feels muddled intentionally.

Proceeding with this pattern, Sling TV is the thing that you'll ordinarily observe upon AirTV sign-in. Visitor records will be liable to huge Sling TV advertisements taking up parts of the screen when perusing certain substance tabs. It turns out this can be dodged by impairing the Sling TV application in the Android TV settings tab, yet the capacity to do as such is never explicitly expressed anyplace, so a few clients may never understand it's conceivable. We just made sense of it following a couple of minutes of winding through the Android TV settings.

Utilizing the AirTV is a task without a Sling TV account.

While utilizing the AirTV was a task without Sling TV, Sling TV endorsers will be glad to hear that the Sling interface is to a great extent indistinguishable here as in different gadgets, with little increments like a radio wire channel's tab to lineup your communicate channels, a column of Netflix suggestions, and another for propelling different applications, including Sling TV contenders like PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and DirectTV Now.

The Android TV side of the experience is basically the same as it is on other Android TV gadgets. Android clients can adjust their Android account with the AirTV to entangle it into their Android environment, enabling access to beforehand obtained content from Google Play or put away on the AirTV drive.

Stacking your channels

In the case of utilizing the Sling TV or Android TV interfaces, we were most inspired by how well the AirTV handles OTA channel setup. Getting any HD radio wire synchronized with the AirTV is as simple as connecting to your liked model, connecting to the coaxial-to-USB recieving wire connector into one of the two USB openings on the back of the crate, and driving on both the connector and AirTV.

airtv player audit channel manage

The AirTV will naturally perceive your HD radio wire and provoke you to start examining for channels. The container even goes the additional mile by scratching for metadata (what's airing when, scene data, and so forth.) and applying it to your channel and show postings. The consideration of communicate channels is the place the AirTV establishes its most grounded connection and is by a wide margin its best element.

Presently, on the off chance that you were trusting that component was given no quid pro quos, we are very brave news.

We were awed by how well it handles setting up OTA channels.
Most importantly, as specified, the OTA channels are stuck inside the Sling TV interface as a matter of course, set in a different tab, rather than being layered into the Sling TV channels sheet. We'll yield that putting those channels into the Sling TV guide may have been unfeasible, yet we wish there was a simpler method to get to them of course. Then, those without Sling TV should download a different application to see OTA channels through the Android TV interface.

The second issue is that the connector required to interface your HD reception apparatus is an additional buy (either $40 independently, or $30 when packaged with the AirTV itself), including to the AirTV's $100 base cost to utilize its best component — not including the cost of your different recieving wire.

What AirTV can (and can't) do

While setup can be a cerebral pain, once you're at last viewing, the AirTV performs honorably enough. Picture quality will rely upon your web association speed and the areas and arrangement of your HD radio wire, yet all in all motion pictures and TV look great on the AirTV. The container bolsters 4K playback, so on the off chance that you have a 4K TV or projector you'll have the capacity to watch upheld content in full goals.

The AirTV needs HDR (high unique range) bolster, be that as it may, which is from numerous points of view the more great picture quality overhaul when viewing on a 4K HDR TV. While OTA TV is as yet stuck in HD, HDR is a baffling exclusion for other substance, and since most of the best 4K gushing gadgets bolster HDR in some frame, it makes the AirTV that significantly harder to prescribe to 4K TV proprietors.

Since the AirTV is an Android TV gadget, there's an extensive rundown of recreations accessible. Lamentably, while you can actually download and play these diversions, we don't prescribe it; not exclusively does the remote make for a wretched controller, the 6GB of inner stockpiling and absence of expandable memory implies you'll just have the capacity to download a couple of amusements at once, and some bigger titles won't fit. On the off chance that you need an Android TV gadget that additionally works for gaming, the Nvidia Shield is a much better decision, with respectable specify setting off to the Amazon Fire TV 4K.

The absence of HDR, an awful remote, and dreary UI hamper the experience.

Maybe the greater bummer for forthcoming AirTV clients is that DVR alternatives are restricted, contingent upon your setup. You won't have the capacity to record OTA TV programming out of the crate. To do as such, you'll have to buy a USB stockpiling gadget, adding amazingly, one more essential buy to get the full usefulness from the AirTV — and just a couple of models have been effectively tried with the component up until now.

And still, at the end of the day, DVR usefulness is just in beta on the AirTV at the season of this survey, and its usefulness has a few admonitions, for example, just enabling one channel to be recorded at once, the powerlessness to watch an account before it's done, and a few more. Every one of these limitations and additional means indicate an inelegant and disappointing DVR arrangement.

Gratefully, the cloud DVR for Sling TV and other Live TV administrations are accessible, yet the muddled usage of the OTA DVR feels like a stumble, particularly in light of the fact that the AirTV makes such a solid push for being an across the board answer for spilling and reception apparatus TV.

Guarantee data

The AirTV accompanies a year restricted guarantee, covering material and workmanship abandons, that starts from the minute you sign into Sling on your AirTV out of the blue.


Sling TV fan will get the most out of the AirTV, yet notwithstanding for them, issues like the absence of HDR, a terrible remote, and a dull UI will hamper the experience. Without a doubt, AirTV presents a basic method to couple your recieving wire and live TV spilling channels into one area, yet that by itself does not merit prescribing it — and getting the fullest experience requires an excessive number of additional buys for what's introduced in the last item.

Is there a superior option?

In the event that you need a spilling gadget that can do pretty much everything the AirTV does, and with a vastly improved interface, the Nvidia Shield is your most logical option. It does the Android TV thing, and improves, without favoring any one stage or application. More imperative, it underpins 4K HDR, can bolster OTA reception apparatuses (when combined with a recieving wire tuner like the HDHomeRun or Tablo), offers DVR usefulness, and it can store long stretches of chronicles or even go about as a Plex server. It can even store full-quality computer games or stream them from the cloud or a PC.


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The Shield's $200 cost may appear to be steep contrasted with the AirTV at first, yet considering you'd pay $130 for the AirTV with recieving wire connector in addition to a huge limit USB drive for DVR, there's not so enormous a value disparity. What's more, the AirTV's interface everything except beseeches you to burn through $20 to $40 every month on Sling TV.

To what extent will it last?

The AirTV itself is all around planned, and we aren't worried about its sturdiness – the remote may appear toyish, however it likewise appears to be tried and true enough. Not far off, we see some potential for AirTV's OTA usefulness to keep on growing, yet there's no strong certification there, particularly thinking about the constrained on-board stockpiling and static UI.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

No. Regardless of whether you're a devoted Sling TV fan there are better alternatives out there for consolidating spilling and OTA channels.

Where to purchase: AirTV Player


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