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Sony Xperia Ear review

Hearables are getting more quick witted consistently, and Sony has gotten where Motorola left off with this single AI partner earbud. We've been sitting tight a while for the Xperia Ear, and with Sony's sound aptitude in addition to the decision of two AIs to visit with – either its own Xperia Agent or the solid Google Voice – all bound up in a savvy hearable that won't humiliate whatever is left of your face, it makes an intriguing bundle.
Sony Xperia Ear

As Apple chips away at building its AirPods for iPhone proprietors, Sony is making an offer for occupied individuals with Android telephones.

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Cost when looked into:


The £179 Xperia Ear could opening into the life of a specific sort of individual however for one single-yet keen earbud, it's not modest either. Will it be a hearable hit?

Sony Xperia Ear: Design and Fit

Sony Xperia Ear audit

Sony has completed a decent activity on the Xperia Ear's plan. It's not sufficiently little that it could be classed as an in-ear gadget, since it sticks outwards, yet it doesn't distend from your ear down your cheek like a retro Bluetooth headset either. Nor does it go down the AirPod configuration course.

The capsule formed gadget has a smooth, matte complete and it quantifies 15.2 x 29.3 x 24.3 mm. With my hair exhausted I've had discussions with my flatmate and colleagues without them seeing I'm wearing anything in my ear. That won't occur in the event that you have short hair, beyond any doubt, yet it's quite cool for me. You can likewise look over changed tips and wings that come in the crate (three sizes each) to get the solace perfectly which is a pleasant touch as well.

The Sony hearable is light, weighing only 6.8g. A while ago when I tried the Moto Hint, I would swap it from ear to ear following 30 to a hour as I'd get ear infection, however I can last longer with this in one ear. It appears Sony is just offering it in Graphite Black to begin. It's the same as when it was first declared, when it was additionally flaunted in white, light yellow and pale pink – Xperia hues.

Water opposition is just IPX2, so you can't run swimming with it (that exclusive shields it from trickling water) yet it's a durable little contraption and one you don't need to be too valuable with when it's out of the case. Something else I like is that the fundamental surface goes about as a catch with both short and longpress activities – along these lines you know your press has worked and you aren't continued speculating with temperamental, capacitive presses. This presses the Xperia Ear into your real ear a little however – I wouldn't fret this as you get the input yet a few people may. Best to give it a shot on the off chance that you can.

Sony Xperia Ear: Bluetooth headset

Sony Xperia Ear audit

In case you're occupied with the Sony hearable, you may very well be in the market for a marginally cooler (though more costly) Bluetooth headset. (It can likewise match by means of NFC). Furthermore, you can utilize the Xperia Ear to make and answer calls, get back to individuals, tune in to web recordings and – actually – tune in to music, however we truly wouldn't prescribe the last since this is a solitary, mono earbud.

For these reasons, the sound quality is extremely awesome, superior to anything any semblance of the Moto Hint, and the clamor dropping mics complete a great job of getting my voice as well. Hearables can be famously tranquil and the one thing I truly needed to wrench the volume up for here was experimenting with tuning in to a web recording on the overground prepare.

Sony Xperia Ear: Voice assistant(s)

Where things get more cutting edge is the voice right hand highlight. The Xperia Ear depends on your telephone so if, similar to me, you live in a little level and work in a little ish office, at that point you're giggling. Else, you may keep running into extend issues in the event that you stray too a long way from your cell phone – this is a Bluetooth gadget all things considered. By and large network was great, again much superior to the flakey Hint which so far is the nearest correlation.

First up, what's decent is that you can really utilize Sony's Xperia Agent, Google Voice or even Samsung S Voice in case you're utilizing a Samsung telephone, as I was for part of my testing. You can even set up short press of the catch to initiate one, longpress for another administration, in the event that you can recall the eccentricities of each.

For the most part, I observe Google Voice to be my top choice. It's fastest generally speaking, it articulates words the best (in English, that is) and a portion of the dialect is more common with regards to things like headings or perusing out tomorrow's logbook. So, it can return to demonstrating you results on the telephone a considerable amount. The Xperia Agent is truly great on the voice acknowledgment front however the entire forward and backward has a tendency to be slower and the hole before the principal tone when it's preparing can influence you to figure it hasn't worked.

Sony Xperia Ear survey

In any case, the Xperia Ear naturally turns on in your ear. At the point when it's in, you're sheltered in the learning that it will alarm you with any calls, writings, timetable things, WhatsApps or messages, contingent upon how you have your settings set up in the partner application. There's a considerable amount of control accessible here, however I might want to have the capacity to, for example, kill the perusing out of the name of a WhatsApp assemble before the message, particularly when it's a long, satire name.

Here you can pick read just or read and answer – pick the first on the off chance that you would prefer not to be requested that whether you need answer after each message. Else you can state yes or no or turn on head motions – gesture or shake your head. These do work yet I lean toward saying yes or no as it just appears somewhat odd to shake my head at a voice in my ear.

There's a couple of more convenient things you can do with Xperia Agent itself; in particular get headings in your ear, get a news notice, get some information about the climate, make date-book occasions, seek Wikipedia and set alerts or clocks. When you first put the Xperia Ear in your ear every day, it surrenders you a begin routine which you can change to suit you – this is one of the occasions it feels most like an effective AI right hand actually.

Sony Xperia Ear audit

The Android application is fundamentally a celebrated settings menu. Less helpful are things like 'play music' which you shouldn't do in any case and you'll require Google Voice's insight to whittle down which music application you're utilizing – Sony just goes to default. Sony has revealed to us it needs to open up Xperia Agent to outsider applications, however whether that happens may rely upon deals.

There are dependably restrictions with voice collaborators at this phase in their reality – less so with Google than Sony's own Xperia Agent innovation. So for example, Sony's right hand can address me by name, bring down messages or dispatch telephone applications with 'Enchantment Words', yet it battles when I attempt to get some information about the Golden Globes assignments news today. It winds up understanding me out the entire news notice – which includes the GGs list – however doesn't get me what I'm after. At this moment hearables like this will show signs of improvement with individuals who wouldn't fret tinkering and marginally altering their conduct than somebody who hopes to have a fruitful, human discussion without fail.

Sony Xperia Ear: Battery life

Sony Xperia Ear audit

In my chance wearing the Xperia Ear I've not by any stretch of the imagination felt I was charging it so frequently it would get irritating. The official battery life is four long stretches of constant utilize and an additional sixteen hours over that with the charging case. This has its own 300mAh battery and is perfect and conservative; you can simply sling it in your purse or pocket.

Sony Xperia Ear

Sony Xperia Ear

Wareable may get a commission

I charged the Xperia Ear case each four days or so with my utilization which was fundamentally amid the day, driving and so on. Else, I just popped it back for the situation to revive. You can rapidly check the battery in the application or your notices pulldown. One note: the Ear drops from the "low battery" voice caution to "no battery, closing down" before long.

Sony Xperia Ear: Hearable rivalry

A speedy word on a few opponents that are going to dispatch – both the Apple AirPods and Doppler Labs' £249 Here Ones are going to arrive. The Here earbuds, specifically, may be justified regardless of a look. These are an arrangement of two remote earbuds that can play music, offer increased commotion dropping and improving highlights and access to Siri, Google Voice and Microsoft's Cortana, contingent upon which telephone you utilize.

We haven't tried these yet in the event that you're put off the Xperia Ear since you tune in to music a ton and need one gadget that will intrude on your Spotify session with messages and updates, at that point don't stress. This is coming.

Sony Xperia Ear

By Sony

Hearables are still somewhat of a naughty confound and Sony has done fine work finishing a couple of parts: quality sound and voice acknowledgment, an unpretentious and brilliant plan and the flexibility to switch between match associates. However, it's a costly, single earbud that – as ever – has disappointing minutes. Amazing yet a long way from consummate.


Light, cautious

Great sound quality

Better than average battery life


Xperia Agent can be moderate, awkward


Single, mono earbud


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